Computational Linguistics

Computational linguistics is a new science that uses computers to transform texts and information into computer digital language to facilitate linguistic analysis and development.  The digital Humanities Section at the University of Balamand is concerned with this research application for studying texts of manuscripts of the ninth and tenth centuries that were translated to Arabic from other languages, mainly Greek and Syriac.  This application helps in the understanding of the linguistic specificities of these texts in order to determine their origins.

Linguistics Analysis of the Four Gospels Text in Arabic: a Preliminary sample

The project is part of the project for studying the history of the Arabic translations of the four gospels. Manuscripts of the four Gospels include different translations, due, perhaps, to the language from which the texts were translated. Studies have shown that the Arabic translations were done from the original Greek and sometimes from other languages such as Coptic, or Syriac. Knowing the original language of the text is an important element in determining its value, its history and its relation to the texts of the other family of texts.