William Saab: Poet of the Eternal Issues. By Dr. Adib Saab. Published by the Institute of History, Archeology and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Balamand, 2015. Cataloging in Publication data by the University library.
This book was published by the Orient institute in Beirut and the University of Balamand.  It is volume number 118 in the series Beiruter texte und studien and its publication was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Scientific Research of the German Federal Republic and the University of Balamand under the direction of the Orient Institute in Beirut. The text is in Arabic and English.
A series published in 1987 by Markaz al-Dirāsāt al-Urthūdhuksī al-Anṭākī. This is a 4 volume set for children written by Metropolite Ignatius out of his concern for the spreading of the word and for his love for children.
The Archives of Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East IV. (Archdioceses of Hama, Homs, Bosra and Hawran). Published 2004.
Published by Antiochian Documentation and Study Center at the University of Balamand.
The archives of Greek Orthodox Bishopric of Beirut. V. I. Published 1988. by Center  for Archiving  and Documentation at the University of Balamand. These archives contain records and papers and represent a partial history of these monasteries and their areas.
The archives of Greek Orthodox bishopric of Beirut. V. 2. Published 1999 by Center for Archiving and Documentation at the University of Balamand .These archives contain records and papers and represent a partial history of the monasteries and their areas.
Roussiya wa Orthodox al Sharq (Russia and the Orthodox of the East) published 1998. It is the works of a conference held At the University if Balamand on October 19th, 1977.
 Musāhamat al-muʼarrikhīn al-Urthūdhuks fī al-taʼrīkh. (Contribution of Orthodox Historians to Historiography) Works of a conference of the same title held at the Monastery of our Lady of Balamand, March 12-14, 2007. Cataloging in publication by University of Balamand library. Articles of the book are in Arabic, English and French.
Mukhtaṣar tārīkh al-asāqifah alladhīna raqū martabat riʼāsat al-kahanūt al-jalīlah fī madīnat Bayrūt. This is the title of a manuscript by ʻAbd Allāh ibn Ṭrād al-Bayrūtī. It was edited by introduced by Nāʼilah Qāʼidbayh and published by Dar al Nahar and the University of Balamand, June 2002.
Monasteries of the Antiochian Orthodox Patriarchate. Published by the University of Balamand in 2007.
The book includes the monasteries of the Antiochian Orthodox Patriarchate in Lebanon and Syria of which some are Patriarchal monasteries while others belong to different archdioceses. The beautiful photos are by Mario Saba and Raif Nassif.